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Qigong (气功), also known as Chi Kung, is a simple form of practice from the ancient China. It consists of movements, stillness, breath and awareness.

What are the benefits of practicing Qigong (Chi Kung)

Qigong balances our internal subtle energies, and also harmonises our energy with that of the natural world. 

This improves our personal energy and vitality.  When our own energy works in synchrony with the natural world, conflict ends, and struggle eases. There is an embodied sense of support, clarity and ease coming from life.

The practice requires a gentle intention and awareness of the body This allows us to tune into the natural spontaneity/impulses of the body, so that the needs and guidances of the body can be heard.

It also reminds us of the luminous stillness that encompass it all. In this space, our natural self healing capacity is awakened. 


More about Qigong 


Qigong harmonises our internal energy, promotes health and longevity.  It helps us to be touch with our own vitality, and a more balanced outlook on life’s possibilities.


Qi (chi) is the life energy, or prana, that exists throughout the universe.  Qi flows within our body in the myriad network of meridians.  Qi governs the healthy function of our internal organs, circulation of the blood, the immune response and the body temperature. When the Qi flow within the body is obstructed or depleted, ailments of both physical and emotional can occur.  


Qigong is a practice that replenishes and harmonises the flow of qi within the body.  When there is an abundance of qi flowing freely in the body, we feel a sense of wellbeing, and our mind and spirt also become more harmonised. 


Qigong forms are generally simple, and can look quite beautiful.  The movements often take their inspiration from animals and nature.  Sometimes the movements follow energy channels in the body, and sometimes they orient around internal organs or parts of the body.   


Qigong consists of movements, stillness, breath and awareness.  There is an emphasis on quietening the mind, and developing a subtle awareness of the body and Qi flow.  In this space, our body’s natural self-healing capacity can be re-awakened, and our essential nature can express itself and thus brings about transformation. 


Anyone of any age or fitness level can practice Qigong.  It does not require any equipments. 

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